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    History, tradition, and modern technology: the “ La Fontursia “ Estate

THE WINERY. The winegrowing estate, La Fontursia, is situated near Ripatransone, a historic center that is one of the oldest and most characteristic of the Piceno area and also rich in historical references and medieval evocations. The name La Fontursia derives from the language of the ancient “Tusci” populace that in fact once had a settlement located on the road leading to the present vineyard. They occupied a fort located next to an important spring that at the time was called “Spring of the Tusci and was reputed to have restorative powers. Subsequently, the name was transformed into La Fontursia, the name now borne by both the street and the winery. The vineyard is characterized by its splendid position, being situated between the Adriatic Sea, just 3 km away as the crow flies, and the Monti Sibillini. Its hilly location, together with the sea breezes, gives rise to a cool and temperate climate that when combined with the fertile, sandy soil create a proper balance of soil and climatic conditions that is ideal for the growing of grapevines.

THE MANAGEMENT. The Veccia family has passed the ancient vocation of winemaking from father to son. In this family-owned business the traditions are conserved while being renewed with modern technologies that take advantage of the potential offered by the location.

ORGANIC PRODUCTS. The decades-long experience of the Veccia family in winemaking, together with their readiness to use new technology, have made it possible to identify the most appropriate systems of cultivation to use with careful pruning and in combination with a twenty-year long practice in organic cultivation methods. These methods of cultivation are followed up by a careful choice of grapes in the harvest phase, all designed to limit the yield per hectare and to obtain wines that best express the typical qualities of the grapes from this locale. Also in the phase of vinification, the winery has achieved exceptional results through the application of modern technology to the tradition methods. 

OTHER INITIATIVES. At the request of the client, projects can be devised to create personalized labels of an artistic nature or with special images. In addition, for several years now the winery has specialized in providing Christmas gift packages and promotional products for associations and other entities. By visiting the website www.lafontursia.it, one can examine some of the products created in the context of such initiatives.

THE MARKETS. Our primary market is of a national character, oriented to medium-to-high-end restaurants, winebars, and specialty stores. In recent years, attendance at national and international fairs has allowed the vineyard to reach various foreign markets, establishing trade relations with Canada, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, England, and Austria.
The productive potential of the 25 hectares of La Fontursia is cultivated biologically and sold almost exclusively in bottles through the above cited channels



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    LA FONTURSIA AZIENDA AGRICOLA   C.da Fontursia 1 63038 RIPATRANSONE (Ap) Italy    TEL. +39 0735 91231   FAX +39 0735 97192       E-mail: info@lafontursia.com

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